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WE MET THROUGH A SONG is a short film project by Leah Finkelstein and Heather Stewart. It follows the unlikely and surprising friendship of two California musicians who met and befriended a conservative North Carolina farmer, through a song.


Williams Edwards, Jr. heard a song of Heather’s on the show NCIS and was compelled to contact her. One song, many emails and phone calls later, resulted in William’s first trip out to California. Their weeklong adventure was filmed capturing difficult conversations, laughter, insight, and a realization that friendship can transcend diametrically opposing views.


In a time when the US is more divided than any of us have ever experienced, the hope is that this documentary will remind us all to listen to the music and especially to one another.

The short film is currently in post production and will be released April 2020. 

The above video is of Leah and Heather giving a presentation about “How We Met Through a Song” at “Canvas Presents, Sounds of Humanity”; a home concert series which is a symbiosis of concert stage, lecture hall and exhibition space with audience curiosity as its heartbeat. 



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