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MUSICIANS LEAH FINKELSTEIN AND HEATHER STEWART met at the Malibu Music Awards some years back, both winning awards for their individual songs, and ended up bonding over a glass of wine (or two).


Leah and Heather collectively have FIVE studio albums (LEAH FINKELSTEIN ITUNES - HEATHER STEWART ITUNES) and have had songs featured in both Film and Television including the world's most watched drama, NCIS. 

They are also the music supervisors and provide live scoring for The Dungeon Run, a live D&D show that currently streams Wednesdays at 6PM PST at

They often play LIVE together and have recently and quite naturally fallen into composing musical scores for commercials, independent films and video games. 

They pride themselves on being open to any and all creative ideas and first and foremost like to bring humor and joy to all their projects! 

Heather and Leah-The Music Garage (1).jp

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Leah Finkelstein

(207) 232-4641‬


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